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Have you ever think that your home best friend expects some surprise from your side to express the real care, love, and affection on it? Who is known as home and man’s best friend? Of course, Dog is the best and better friend of a human being which can understand what we think and what we do next with its sense. Dog and Human have an unbreakable bonding that connects the heart with trustworthy activity.

So as a human being, friend; why we forget to surprise our pet dogs, puppies without giving any treat? If you realize from your heart and want to give a special gift for your buddies, then take action immediately to start using PupJoy for your pets convenient.

About PupJoy?

PupJoy is one of the best successful subscription services that provide a chance to give treat, toys and other goodies to keep your puppies and dogs happy. Each subscription includes 5 – 7 items that you can choose it from the list which suits your pet dogs, well packed in a box that should be delivered to the given address at the doorstep. If you like this pack of items, sure you can make it for monthly subscriptions to surprise your pup which is guaranteed to like, love and have a craze on it.

Here you can receive fun and delightful new products that fit your dog’s expectation and have peace of mind on treating with the best-handpicked products. Here you can find PupJoy Boxes and Power Chewers Boxes as a gift for home dogs or donate it for shelter animals to express your care and love for it.

3 Simple Steps:

  • You can view the collections of treats, toys and other essential things for your pet dog’s which is well tested and approved by pet doctors also.
  • You can easily choose the desired items to process the personal plan and fix your delivery schedule for getting ready to surprise your doggy.
  • Once you subscribed the pup’s box of joy, within a few hours, it will be on your way to deliver at the doorstep.


Features of PupJoy:

  • Here you can find durable toys and goodies which are personally recommended by PupJoy team to treat your pups and dogs like your children, family member or friend by surprising it with unique products.
  • This subscription pack contains two full size of limited ingredient treats, two artisan quality toys and one natural chew in Uno boxes. It costs less when compare it with a big pack and five items only available.
  • If you order big, it contains an extra bag of treats, second chew, and other things, entirely seven items. It is suitable for multiple dogs or a grande appetite. It costs high, but it includes extra two items which are more convenient for many dogs.
  • It treats all organic options, grain-free options, and even protein-sensitive options, which do not include beef, chicken or dairy products.
  • While choosing the Grande Box that suits multi- dogs and it is also very suitable for big dogs. The personalization process allows you to select preferences and display dog sizes, so you can easily choose the right product.
  • Here the power chewers box contains toughest toys, specially created for the super chewer. So you can also include it on every order with natural treats and chews in the subscription of PupJoy Box.



  • PupJoy shows almost customized products to make you choose, and it will be delivered at the right time for users comfort.
  • It acts as a superior service with 100% satisfaction that depends on your commitment.
  • The treats are made up of wholesome limited ingredients for supporting the health of your puppies, and it never includes artificial additives or chemicals.
  • It offers free shipping in the U.S, but it charges extra $5 for Canada.
  • You can skip or cancel the subscription and also ask for money refund.
  • It is affordable, risk-free to use and no allergens.


  • No offline availability.
  • Read the terms and conditions before accessing this subscription service, or you may stick with some other problem.

pupjoy review


If you want to give a surprising treat for your dogs, just log in to the PupJoy subscription service that provides customized product for every customer at every time to express the love, care, and affection on your pup’s. Write your profile and let us work for you. So, you can get an idea of what you need and whenever you need it.

You can also save your money from out brokers and buy items directly from the best Indie brands. PupJoy assured of 100% satisfaction and every time recommends to buy it and also feel better about helping the shelter animals. It offers better quality, better service and better value for added items. So don’t miss this opportunity.

Get it before the offer ends.

pupjoy reviews

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Surprise My Pet Review

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surprise my pet

If you are toying with the idea of bringing a new dog into your family for the first time, then perhaps you should also remember that it needs the same love, caring, nurturing, and amusement to grow up just like a small human baby. If you have brought a puppy, then it needs proper nutrition to develop healthily. At the same time, pampering it with toys would perhaps keep it engaged, active and playful all the time.

If you subscribe to Surprise My Pet, you will perhaps do the best thing for your doggie. It will help it to find happiness and pleasure that are necessary for turning it into an obedient companion. Read the review to know about it.

About Surprise My Pet:

Surprise My Pet is a monthly subscription box designed for your dog. The box comes with premium and carefully selected 5-7 toys, delicious treats, chews, and other goodies for dogs that will make your pets happy and faithful companions. After you sign up for it, you will get all the goodies on a monthly basis straight to your door.

The company manufactures only excellent and safe items to create an extended family and a community of pet owners. To keep the novelty factor alive, you will get only fresh supplies every month. The box is ideal if you want to present your dog something to relish, give a reward for its good behavior or faithfulness, or give it a fun time to indulge in.

What are the different options that you can choose from?

There are four options available for animal lovers:

  • Tiny (less than 10 pounds)
  • Small (10-20 pounds)
  • Medium (20-50 pounds),
  • Large (50+ pounds)
  • Large” box (my dog, Nyx, weighs 84 pounds)

What can you get in it?

  • Toys: Discover fetches toys, chew toys, squeaky toys, tug toys and more to keep your pet active and well-trained. Every month you will get amazing artifacts to delight your young puppy and make it frolicsome.
  • Treats & Chews: Get your hands full of goodies such as Rawhide, cookies, biscuits & snacks, for your pet and let your pet relish them completely.

surprise my pet.com

What are some of the popular items you can avail of it?


  • Beach BBQ: Made with chicken and beef, the treat is fresh and tastes awesome.
  • FroYo To Go: It is frozen yogurt with just 11 calories in every 20 bites.
  • Ranch Rewards Smoked Bones: These are natural treats with rich flavors. Your pet will enjoy lip-smacking smoked bones that will offer hours of tasty fun.
  • Roasted Chicken Buddy Biscuits: These are small soft goodies made from chicken. It is free from soy and corn.
  • Shortys Gourmet Treats: Made from organic ingredients such as pumpkin, peanut butter, and sweet potatoes, this is 100% vegetarian and hand-crafted will surely delight your pet.
  • Pawsitively Gourmet Dog Cookie: Made from chicken liver, this is an amazing cookie to delight your doggie.
  • Healthy Dogma Jamaican Bacon Flavor Barkers: These are heart-shaped dog cookies made from bacon, chicken, peas, potato, pea flour, etc.


  • Grriggles Sizzle Shark: No they are not sharks which tend to be ferocious. These are superb soft toys that have internal squeaker which makes it a popular choice among pets.
  • Duke’s Figure 8 Rope Toy: Keep your doggie active and healthy with this toy that is manufactured from strong cotton rope featuring a pink colored paw print tennis ball in the center.
  • Laser Chase: This is a wonderful interactive exercise game for the pets.

surprise my pet


  • Premium Items: The carefully selected boxes are filled with high-quality supplies that are based on fun themes. Every month there will be different items to make your pet feel happy. All the items are natural and free from toxins and do not cause any harm to your favorite domestic animal.
  • Free Shipping: Besides the subscription fees, there is no additional charge for shipping. It is included in the monthly price which is great news for any animal lover.
  • Tailor-made Options: You can get the boxes customized by the size of your pet. Whether it is a big or small puppy, you can choose from various options.


  • There is no offline subscription available for you.

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Final Verdict:

Dog treats that you bring from the local market is expensive, considering the quantity you get in one packet. Not only that, it could include harmful preservatives and chemicals. Therefore, Surprise My Pet is ideal to nourish your dog and keep it engaged and active for many years. The monthly box will delight you completely.

I would recommend it to every animal lover and pet owner who cares for its favorite pet and wants to ensure its complete wellness. I had subscribed to it to make Elena(my doggie) happy, and it was worth having it every month. I used to get fresh supplies that helped to rear it up perfectly.

The goodies, toys, games and other items were awesome.

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